(A)   Adult Entertainment Commission determination. The AEC shall determine whether an applicant is eligible for licensure after conducting a public hearing upon the application.
      (1)   Time, place and manner of hearing. The AEC shall conduct the hearing upon an application not later than 60 days after the completed application has been submitted to the  County Plan Commission. The hearing shall be held in Room 308 of the City-County Building, Jeffersonville, Indiana, at a time established by the AEC. The AEC shall provide public notice of said hearing as prescribed by the State Open Door Law, being I.C. 5-14-1.5-1 et seq. The hearing shall be conducted pursuant to those administrative procedures as set forth in that ordinance enabling and creating the AEC.
      (2)   Eligibility requirements. The AEC shall submit those additional criteria upon which it shall evaluate and determine the eligibility of each applicant; however, no applicant shall be granted licensure if:
         (a)   The applicant has been convicted of a felony or has been convicted of any crime of moral turpitude;
         (b)   Following the investigation of the AEC it is determined that the applicant provided false or misleading information in the application, omitted information or failed or refused to comply with the reasonable requests of the AEC investigator;
         (c)   After a hearing is conducted by the AEC it is determined that the applicant is not of good moral character;
         (d)   The AEC determines that the applicant has failed to pay its state gross income taxes, state real estate taxes or has any outstanding debts to the county’s Sewer Department or any other governmental entity other than the United States Internal Revenue Service; and
         (e)   For any and all other circumstances as set forth by the AEC.
(Ord. 6-2001, passed 7-5-2001)