(A)   No person shall operate any vehicle upon any county bridge when the vehicle has a gross weight in excess of the inventory rating given for that bridge in the most recent bridge reinspection report, provided that signs giving notice of the load limit are in place at the bridge. BRIDGE REINSPECTION REPORT means the most recent county-wide bridge reinspection report partially funded by the Federal Highway Administration, or interim engineering analysis authorized by the county.
   (B)   Vehicles with a gross weight in excess of the inventory rating but lower than the operating rating as given in the bridge reinspection report may use a bridge, provided that written permission is first obtained for that particular vehicle and bridge from the County Commissioners, and that such permission is based on an engineering analysis of the situation. This shall be exception to division (A) above.
   (C)   When signs are in place at a bridge giving notice of a gross weight limit that agrees with the current inventory rating for that bridge, the signs shall be deemed to be authorized by this schedule.
Bridge No.
Location by Road Name
Gross Weight Limit
Spring Street over Silver Creek at Floyd County line
14 ton
(Ord. 7-1983, passed 12-20-1983)  Penalty, see § 10.99