§ 52.04  OBJECTIVES.
   (A)   Protection of the short-term and long-term public health, safety, general welfare. This objective will be achieved by:
      (1)   Providing for regulation and management of the county’s stormwater system, including public and private facilities in the county’s service area;
      (2)   Protecting, and preserving water quality and fish and wildlife habitat within the county and in downstream receiving waters; and
      (3)   Protecting those downstream from water quality impairment.
   (B)   Compliance with state and federal stormwater regulations developed pursuant to the Clean Water Act Amendments of 1987 and subsequent amendments through 2001, being 33 U.S.C. §§ 1251 et seq. The objectives of these regulations include:
      (1)   Managing the quality of water discharged to the municipal stormwater system by controlling the contribution of pollutants associated with residential, commercial and industrial activity;
      (2)   Controlling stormwater pollution caused by the suspension and transport of soils and other sediments; and
      (3)   Protecting or enhancing stormwater quality to a level of “designated use” and minimize the impacts from new development and/or areas of significant redevelopment.
   (C)   To help maintain a stable tax base by providing for the sound use and development of flood-prone area in such a manner as to maximize beneficial use without increasing flood hazard potential or diminishing the quality of the natural stormwater resources;
   (D)   Minimize damage to public facilities and utilities such as water and gas mains, electric telephone and sewer lines, streets and bridges;
   (E)   Ensure the use of the public and private stormwater management system that will not result in excessive maintenance costs;
   (F)   Encourage the use of natural and aesthetically pleasing designs that maximize preservation of natural areas;
   (G)   Control the discharge of sediment and construction site materials into the stormwater system;
   (H)   Guide the construction of stormwater management facilities by developing comprehensive master plans to address stormwater quantity and quality; and
   (I)   Encourage preservation of floodplains, floodways and open spaces to protect and benefit the community’s quality of life and natural resources.
(Ord. 20-2004, passed 12-16-2004)