(A)   This chapter shall govern all properties within the jurisdictional boundaries of the county.
   (B)   There are two scenarios for permit application and processing procedures as described by the following discussion.
      (1)   For projects located within the county’s MS4 area, the project site owner shall submit an application for a stormwater management permit to the county. The application will include the information specified in §§ 52.07 and 52.08. Four copies of each application must be submitted to the county. Additionally, the county may require digital submittal of construction plans in an approved format. One copy of the application will be forwarded to the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) for its review and comment. The remaining three copies will be reviewed by departments within the county. Once all comments have been compiled from the departments and the SWCD, the county will place the project on the agenda of the next scheduled meeting of the Plan Commission. The county will furnish the applicant with a complete list of comments and objections to the plans and supporting documentation submitted by the applicant, at least ten days prior to the scheduled meeting. Within ten days after the meeting, the county will either issue a permit, or request modification to the construction plans. The project site owner must notify the county and the IDEM within 48 hours prior to the commencement of construction activities via the submittal of an updated NOI. Upon completion of construction activities, stabilization of the project site and removal of all temporary erosion protection and sediment control measures, the applicant may submit a notice of termination (NOT) to the county. The county, or its designated representative, shall inspect the project site to verify that the requirements of the NOT have been met. Once the applicant receives a verified copy of the NOT, the applicant must forward a copy of the verified NOT to the IDEM.
      (2)   For projects located only partially inside the county’s MS4 area, the project site owner must comply with the requirements of this chapter and may also be required to comply with 327 I.A.C. 15-5 (Rule 5) or another MS4 community’s construction site control ordinance. Such projects must meet the requirements of this chapter, at a minimum.
   (C)   The following development activities are exempt from the provisions of this chapter:
      (1)   Agricultural land management activities;
      (2)   Additions or modifications to existing detached single-family dwellings;
      (3)   Development that does not disturb more than 5,000 square feet of land use. This exception may not be applied for contiguous properties that may have been subdivided and/or are attributed to multiple separate owners; and
      (4)   This exemption applies only to permitting procedures and does not apply to any discharge of sediment or other form of water pollution that may leave a small site. These discharges may be defined as illicit discharges.
(Ord. 20-2004, passed 12-16-2004)