All personal property which comes into the possession of any police officer, which has been found or stolen or taken off the person or out of the possession of any prisoner or person suspected of, or charged with, being a criminal, and which is not known to belong to some person laying claim thereto, shall be, by the officer securing possession thereof, delivered into the charge of the Chief of Police.  The Chief shall, in a permanent record book kept for that purpose, make a record sufficient to identify the property, with the date and circumstances of the receipt thereof, the name of the person from whom it was taken and the place where it was found; and the record shall also disclose the subsequent disposal thereof, giving the date of sale, name and address of the purchaser, and the amount for which it was sold.
(`83 Code, § 13-501)
Statutory reference:
   Relating to finders of lost goods, see 15 O.S. §§ 511 et seq.
   As regards disposal of stolen or embezzled property coming into hands of police officers, see 22 O.S. §§ 1321 et seq.
   As regards disposal of liquor and gambling equipment seized by police officers, see 22 O.S. §§ 1261 et seq.