(A)   The Board of Review shall consist of the Mayor, ex officio, who shall be a voting member, and four members to be appointed by the governing body (the Mayor and the City Council) as follows:
      (1)   Two police officers retired or active from the City Police Department; and
      (2)   One attorney and one licensed physician residing in the city.
   (B)   Whenever persons meeting the qualifications of this section are unavailable for the appointments, the Mayor shall in lieu thereof make the appointments from the governing body of the municipality, except that neither the Chief of Police nor any person having direct appointive authority for police personnel shall be eligible for the appointment to the board. Appointive members of the Board shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing official.
(11 O.S. § 50-123)  (`83 Code, § 13-411)  (Ord. 88-17, passed 11-7-88)