Before any person shall construct or install any septic tank system within the corporate limits of the city or outside the city when the plumbing or electrical systems of the building serviced by such septic tank system are connected to the waterworks or electrical transmission system of the city he shall obtain a permit therefor from the city inspector (Building, Electrical and Plumbing Inspector).  The refusal, failure or neglect to obtain such a permit before commencing such construction or installation shall be unlawful, and if within the city corporate limits shall constitute a public nuisance, and each day thereafter in which the work is done or septic tank system remains installed shall be unlawful and a separate offense.  Such failure or neglect to obtain a permit by any person building, installing, or constructing such a septic tank system outside the city limits but for use in connection with any building where the plumbing or electrical systems of the city are connected for service shall forfeit and terminate any right to service for water or electrical power to such building or other buildings on the premises or lot of the person so failing or neglecting to secure the permit.  The city shall have the right and privilege to discontinue such service and to disconnect all connections made to or with the water or electrical transmission systems of the city.
(`83 Code, § 5-802)  Penalty, see § 150.999