Any persons desiring to engage in the business of installing or repairing septic tank systems shall obtain a license for the same from the Director of the City-County Health Department. A knowledge of plumbing shall not be required for such a license, but all such applicants shall show a knowledge of the construc-tion, operation, and use of septic tank systems.  Upon satisfactory proof of having the required knowledge in construction of septic tanks, the Director of the City-County Health Department shall issue a certifi-cate of approval which applicant shall present the City Clerk, who, upon the payment of an annual fee of $10, shall issue a license to install and repair septic tank systems.  Such persons shall first file a bond with the City Clerk in the sum of $1,000 with some surety company authorized to do business in the state as surety thereon to the effect and on the condition that he, the principal, the surety or either of them shall pay all damages which may result from the faulty or improper construction of septic tanks con-structed or repaired by him and that he shall faithfully perform the duties relating to such trade and shall comply with all conditions of the city ordinances relating to the same.  In addition to the bond herein-above required, the applicant shall also deposit with the City Clerk the sum of $50 as security, which will guarantee the payment of permit inspection fees.  The deposit shall be used to cover any delinquent or unpaid permit inspection fees, and such may be deducted therefrom. A registered plumbing contractor may perform such work under his plumbing contract or a registration and bond.
(`83 Code, § 5-801)  Penalty, see § 150.999