No connection to the city electrical systems will be made and no electric power will be furnished to any residence wired by the owner of the residence unless such wiring and other installation of electrical equipment complies with the provisions and requirements of this subchapter.  In any event, no connection or electrical power shall be furnished such residence unless the owner thereof files with the Electrical Inspector, an affidavit setting forth his ownership of the property and stating by the affidavit that the residence is for his personal and sole use and occupancy.  In the event that the applicant and affiant shall sell, lease, rent or convey the property or otherwise let others use it for residential purposes within 120 days after final approval of the electrical wiring and electrical equipment installation, the City Council for the city may by majority vote to disconnect all and any services to the residence.  No electrical service power will be furnished on a permanent or temporary basis to a nonresidential business, to be served by the city unless the wiring has been done as provided in this section.
(`83 Code, § 5-333)