The Electrical Inspector may make an annual inspection of all electrical equipment in the fire zone of the city and when any electrical installations are found to be in an unsafe or hazardous condition, the Electrical Inspector shall notify the person, firm, or corporation where such electrical conditions exist to correct same and place in a safe condition.  Any person, firm, or corporation failing to or refusing to make correction of hazardous or unsafe electrical installations after having been notified by the Electrical Inspector, within a designated time to be determined by the Electrical Inspector, shall be fined according to the provisions of this chapter.  Each day after the expiration of the time designated to make corrections shall constitute a separate offense.  When hazardous or unsafe electrical conditions exist, and any person, firm, or corporation fails to make cor-rections after having been notified, the Electrical Inspector shall have the authority to discontinue the electric service.
(`83 Code, § 5-325)  Penalty, see § 150.999