(A)   Applicants for the permit described in § 150.053 shall prior to proceeding to do any work requiring such permit, call the office of the Electrical Inspector of the city and give the name of the electrical contractor who is to do such work and the address where the work is to be done.  Applicants shall make written application to the Electrical Inspector of the city for the issuance of a permit on forms approved by the Electrical Inspector, and shall deposit the application in the mails properly stamped and addressed to the Electrical Inspector within 12 hours after verbal notification.  The forms shall be in triplicate and the contractor shall retain one copy for his records and the third copy shall be given to the journeyman electrician who shall post the same in a conspicuous place on the job.
   (B)   Carnivals, circuses or other places of amusement using structures composed wholly or partially of canvas or similar materials shall be considered as temporary for a period of not exceeding 15 days, and any construction work shall be done by a bonded and licensed contractor and the fee shall be $10.
(`83 Code, § 5-312)