The Electrical Inspector shall be charged with the duty of enforcing all the ordinances of the city relating to electrical wiring and the construction, installation repair, alteration, operation and maintenance of electrical wiring, work, apparatus and fixtures, and with the inspection of the same.  The Electrical Inspector shall have the power and it shall be his duty to inspect or reinspect all overhead, underground and interior wires and apparatus conducting electrical current for any of the purposes set forth in the electrical code of the city.  When the conductors or apparatus are found to be unsafe to life or property, he shall notify the person, firm, or corporation owning, using or operating the same, to place the same in a safe condition within 48 hours, and it shall be their duty to do so.  The Electrical Inspector, in the discharge of his duties, may enter any building or premises at any time during business, or at any reasonable hours.  Upon the refusal of any owner, agent or occupant to allow such inspection as required of the Electrical Inspector, he or they may be deemed guilty of an offense.  The Electrical Inspector shall have the power and authority to disconnect service wires to or in any building or properties where he finds electrical wires that he deems dangerous to life.  He shall also institute by and with the advice of the City Attorney, such prosecutions as may be necessary against any violators of any ordinance with the enforcement of which he is charged.  An appeal may be taken from any ruling, interpretation, requirement or decision made by the Electrical Inspector by filing an application with the City Clerk within five days from the ruling, interpretation, requirement or decision, and the decision of the Council in the matter appealed from shall be final.
(`83 Code, § 5-303)