§ 131.10  TRESPASS.
   Trespassing is hereby declared to be an offense and shall be defined as follows:
   (A)   Each and every actual entry upon the premises of another person's real property, public or private, without the owner's or occupant's consent thereof, whether expressed or implied.
   (B)   Each and every entry upon any public or private premises which is posted or where warning has been published to stay out of and off the premises.
   (C)   Each and every entry in or upon any public property, except at times and upon conditions when it is subject to public use.
   (D)   Remaining upon the premises of another, whether public or private, and refusing to leave the premises forthwith after demand by the owner or occupant.
   (E)   Remaining on private property at any time other than during posted hours of business operation after having been directed to vacate such premises by a police officer; provided, however, that the provisions to this division shall not apply to persons, including employees, whose presence upon such premises is authorized by the owner or by a person in lawful possession of such premises; nor shall the provisions of this division apply unless hours of business operation are posted upon such premises.
   (F)   Returning to private property before the posted time of opening for business operation on the next business day after having been directed to vacate such premises under the terms of division (E) of this section.
(`83 Code, § 10-211)  (Am. Ord. 93-14, passed 7-6-93)  Penalty, see § 10.99