It shall be the duty of each railroad company, or the lessees or the operators thereof, whose railroad tracks run into or through the corporate limits of the city, where any such track intersects or crosses any highway, street, alley or sidewalk in the city, to grade, pave and construct such public highways, streets, alleys and sidewalks at such intersections or crossings in the following manner, or in a manner equal thereto as provided in this section.  At the point where such track or tracks intersect or cross any such highway, street, alley or sidewalk, such track or tracks shall be made to conform to the established grade of such public highways, streets, alleys and sidewalks, or as far as such track or tracks extend thereon, and for the width of two feet on both sides of such track or tracks and between the rails thereof. The grading, paving and constructing and the repairs thereof shall be done and maintained in good condition by the company or companies owning, controlling or operating such railroad, in every case to the satisfaction of the Street Commissioner.
(`83 Code, § 16-201)  Penalty, see § 10.99