All persons, firms and corporations desiring utility (electric, water, sanitation or sewer) service from the city shall make application therefor to the Utility Department of the city at the Light and Water Department located at the city hall. Each application shall contain the name of the applicant and shall indicate the class of service that the applicant is applying for and the reasons for applying for the class of service. In addition to the information set forth herein, the supervisor of the Utility Department may develop application forms that contain such information as is necessary to determine what class of utility service the applicant may qualify for. The city shall be the sole judge of which class of utility service the applicant qualifies for based upon the anticipated utility usage by the customer. If during service to the customer, the customer's utility usage changes so that it no longer falls into the class of usage assigned to the customer, or in the event the customer's actual usage turns out to be different from the anticipated usage, then the city may reclassify the customer's utility service so that it is in accord with the customer's utility usage.
(Ord. 98-30, passed 7-20-98)