All mobile vendors licensed under this chapter shall conform to the following standards unless otherwise approved by the City Council:
   (A)   Geographical restrictions. No mobile vendor shall sell or vend from his or her vehicle or conveyance when:
      (1)   Within 150 feet of a public or private school grounds during the hours of regular school session, classes or school-related events in said public or private school, except when authorized in writing by said, school; or
      (2)   Within 150 feet of the entrance to a business establishment which is open for business and is offering for sale the same or similar product or food item as an item offered for sale by the mobile vendor unless authorized in writing by the stationary business establishment; or
      (3)   Within 150 feet of a public park of the city where a city authorized concession stand is located, during times other than during the course of a public celebration except as approved by the city; or
      (4)   Within 150 feet of city property where a city authorized concession stand is located, during the course of a public celebration when, nonprofit organizations are permitted to engage in the sale of merchandise and food at such property.
   (B)   No mobile vendor shall conduct business so as to violate any ordinances of the city regulating traffic and rights-of-way, as now in effect or hereafter amended.
   (C)   No mobile vendor shall obstruct or cause to be obstructed the passage of a sidewalk, street, avenue, alley, fire department access routes, or any other public place by causing people to congregate at or near the place where food or other items are being sold or offered for sale.
   (D)   No customer shall be served on the street side of the mobile unit. All service must be on the curb side when the mobile unit is on or abutting a public street.
   (E)   Seating for up to eight individuals may be provided as part of a mobile vendor business. If provide seating, must provide restroom facility or have written permission from landowner or tenant to use their restroom facility.
   (F)   No drive thru or drive by customer service shall be provided or permitted as part of a mobile vendor business as contemplated in this chapter.
   (G)   All mobile vendors shall provide garbage receptacles for customer use.
   (H)   No mobile vendor shall locate his or her vehicle or other conveyance in such a manner as to cause a traffic hazard.
   (I)   At the conclusion of business activities at a given location the mobile vendor shall clean all the public way surrounding his or her vehicle of all debris, trash and litter generated by the vendor’s business activities.
   (J)   All mobile vendors preparing food by cooking, frying or other means shall:
      (1)   Be equipped with at least one K-class fire extinguisher;
      (2)   Meet national and state propane and fuel gas codes;
      (3)   Be located, no less than 1.0' from structures; and
      (4)   Must be constructed of noncombustible and fire rated materials.
   (K)   Mobile vendors with, propane shall:
      (1)   Not store propane on rear bumper, roof or accessible inside unit;
      (2)   Transport in a compartment accessible from the exterior and without a floor; and
      (3)   Use proper pipe, not poly tube.
   (L)   Applicants for licenses issued pursuant to this chapter should be prepared to meet all additional requirements and conditions to operate in certain restricted areas of the city such, as city park property.
   (M)   All electrical connections by mobile vendors shall comply with requirements of the currently adopted National. Electrical Code (NEC).
(Ord. 2016-28, passed 6-20-16)  Penalty, see § 119.99