Application. Applicants for a license pursuant to this chapter, shall file with the City Clerk a verified application on a form to be furnished by the City Clerk, which shall contain the following information:
   (A)   The name or names, birth date, social security number, and address (street and mailing, if different) of the applicant;
   (B)   Vehicle license number and description of all vehicles from which the applicant proposes to conduct business;
   (C)   Description, of the general type of food or non-food items to be sold if applicable;
   (D)   The place or places where the applicant proposes to engage in business for more than 30 minute intervals and a schedule of dates, hours, and the like.
      (1)   If a mobile vendor desires to add a different outdoor location for conducting business after the application is finalized, he/she shall amend the license application prior to deviating from the location(s) listed on the application filed with the City Clerk or his/her designee.
   (E)   The identity of the Commissary, if applicable, its proprietor, its street and mailing address and phone number;
   (F)   A food establishment license from the Rogers County Health Department, certifying that the mobile vending business has complied with all applicable state and local Health Department regulations;
   (G)   A verification that the applicant or the applicant’s employer is a vendor register with the Oklahoma Tax Commission, or other proof that sales tax. has been, or is being paid on the items sold or to be sold; or proof that the applicant or the applicant’s employer is exempt from the payment of sales tax.
   (H)   A written, notarized statement by the legal owner of any private land upon which any outdoor business operation shall be located authorizing the use of the land for the purposes desired by the applicant.
   (I)   A copy of your Form W-9.
   (J)   A copy of your driver’s license.
   (K)   Mobile vendor sales tax application.
   (L)   Such other information as the city may require and as requested, in said application form.
(Ord. 2016-28, passed 6-20-16)