§ 119.06  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following activities, businesses and/or persons, as such are commonly known, shall be exempt from coverage of this chapter, but this exemption shall not be construed to limit or restrict the application of other laws and regulations pertaining to such activities, businesses and/or persons:
   (A)   Newspaper couriers;
   (B)   Traditional neighborhood lemonade stands;
   (C)   Stands used to sell or distribute .flowers, fruit, vegetables, produce or plants grown on the property where the stand is located;
   (D)   Delivery or distribution of food, goods or products ordered or purchased by customers from a source or point of sale other than a mobile vehicle operated for the purpose of soliciting customers while traveling or while located on city streets or property;
   (E)   Delivery or distribution of food by or for any not-for-profit organization, governmental agency or other charitable organization, including without limitation Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank; and
   (F)   Concessionaires as defined in this chapter, except that concession, agreements with the city shall include health, sanitation and insurance requirements generally con.form.ing to those established for similar businesses and vendors covered by this chapter.
   (G)   Farmers markets:FARMERS MARKET means a designated area in which, farmers, growers or producers from a defined region gather on a regularly scheduled basis to sell at retail non-potentially hazardous farm food products and whole shell eggs to the public. A portion of the raw food ingredients used by the individual vendor to produce a product must have been grown or raised by the vendor. A farmers market must have written operational guidelines and a minimum of three vendors along with a designated market manager or advisory board who will be responsible for distribution, of a copy of the guidelines to the vendors. Farmers markets must be registered by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and. .Forestry. This definition does not include individual farmers who grow and sell, unprocessed fruit and/or vegetables from, the farm, roadside or truck.
   (H)   Temporary retail sales of goods, products, wares, or merchandise in conjunction with an event or celebration.
(Ord. 2016-28, passed 6-20-16)