§ 119.02  DEFINITIONS.
   Use of words and phrases. As used in this chapter, unless the context or subject matter clearly requires otherwise, the words or phrases defined in. this section shall have the indicated meanings.
   CITY CLERK.  The City of Claremore City Clerk or the City Manager’s designee to enforce the provisions of this chapter or that person’s designee.
   COMMISSARY.  An approved facility that provides support services for specific required functions of a mobile vendor. Any food, establishment permitted or licensed by a regulatory agency, such as a catering operation, restaurant, grocery store or similar establishment or any otherwise approved facility in which food, containers or supplies are kept, handled, prepared, packaged or stored can be considered a commissary. When not required at the mobile vendor, commissaries may provide a three compartment sink for washing, rinsing and sanitization of equipment/utensils in addition to hand wash and rest room facilities. Services required of the commissary will be based on the food sold and the mobile vendor type and capabilities.
   CONCESSIONAIRE.  A person engaged in the sale of food or other goods or services in a city park or on city property, including without limitation those who operate or maintain a concession stand, in accordance with a written agreement or franchise therefore as lawfully approved in writing by the city.
   FOOD.  Has its usual and ordinary meaning, and includes all items designed for human consumption, including but not limited to ice cream, candy, gum, popcorn, hotdogs, sandwiches, peanuts, soft drinks, coffee and dairy products.
   MOBILE VENDOR.  An outdoor seller, as defined herein, and any business operator or vendor who conducts business from or through, use of a motor vehicle as defined herein.
   OUTDOOR. SELLER.  Any person offering or exposing for retail sale, or making retail sales of any goods, products, wares or merchandise or other personal property of any type, other than food, at any outdoor business location; provided, however, that this definition shall not include merchants who ordinarily and regularly offer such, items for retail sale within permanent structures located on the same premises; provided further that this definition shall not .include those sales commonly known as a garage sale, porch sale, backyard sale, patio sale, lawn sale, yard sale, attic sale, estate sale, moving sale or any similar sale of tangible personal property held out for sale to the public and conducted from or on any lot in a residential zoning district conducted by an individual who owns, leases or has the permission, of the owner of the structure located on the same premises.
   VEHICLE.  A push, cart, a trailer, a three-wheeled pedal, carrier or like device or a motorized vehicle that is registered and licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Motor Vehicles.
(Ord. 2016-28, passed 6-20-16)