§ 33.39  FIRE MARSHAL.
   (A)   A Fire Marshal may be appointed by the Fire Chief and work under the direction of the Fire Chief.
   (B)   The Fire Marshal shall be deemed a peace officer, when so authorized by the Fire Chief, with full powers of a peace officer, including the right to execute legal process and make arrests.
   (C)   In addition to any other duties assigned by the Fire Chief, the Fire Marshal’s duties are: to  make investigation of arson; suspected arson, or conspiracy to defraud in connection with fire; to preserve the public peace; to protect life and property; to prevent crime and to enforce the state law and municipal ordinances concerning fires, combustion in any form, hazardous materials, explosives and potentially explosive devices, air quality standards, building regulations, and all statutes and ordinances designed to prevent or otherwise regulate fire and the problems normally associated therewith.
(Ord. 2016-34, passed 7-18-16)