(A)   Stormwater sampling event criteria. When the Director requires that a sample of a storm event be obtained, the following criteria must be met:
      (1)   The depth of the rainfall must be greater than one-tenth inch or its equivalent;
      (2)   The sample storm event must be preceded by at least 72 hours of less than one-tenth inch of rainfall; and
      (3)   All point sources from the premises or industry required to sample must be sampled, unless otherwise specified.
   (B)   Sampling. When the Director has reason to believe that any person or industrial facility is violating this chapter, the person or industrial facility may be required to obtain either a grab or composite sample and analyze any discharge, stormwater, groundwater and/or sediment and provide a copy of the analysis to the Director for review.
   (C)   Illicit discharge sampling.  When the Director has cause to believe that any discharge is an illicit discharge, the Director may obtain either a grab or composite sample and analyze the discharge.  If the Director determines that the discharge is an illicit discharge, then the Director may fully recover all cost of the sampling and analysis from the person or industrial facility.  When the discharge is likely to contain illicit discharges on a recurring basis, the person or industrial facility may be required by the Director to conduct monitoring activities at its expense.
   (D)   Chain-of-custody.  Upon completion of sample collections and documentation, a written record of the chain-of-custody must be completed. The chain-of-custody record is an accurate step-by- step documentation of the sampling path from origin
through analysis.  It must contain the following information:
      (1)   Name of the person(s) collecting the sample;
      (2)   Sample ID numbers;
      (3)   Date and time of sample collection;
      (4)   Location of sample collection;
      (5)   Name(s) and signature(s) of all persons handling the sample in the field and in the laboratory;
      (6)   Type of sampling equipment used;
      (7)   Type of preservation; and
      (8)   Certification of sample authenticity.
   A copy of the Chain-of-Custody will remain with all sample analyses sent to the City of Claremore for review.
   (E)   Substitution of substantially identical effluents.  When a person or industry is required to sample a storm event and that person or industry has two or more point sources with substantially identical effluents, the person or industry may petition the Director to allow the sampling of only one point source and report that the data apply to the substantially identical point source(s).
   (F)   Monitoring methods.  Monitoring must be conducted according to test procedures approved under 40 CFR Part 136, unless other test procedures have been specified by the Director.
(Ord. 2007-25, passed 11-19-07)