(A)   Submission of correspondence.  Any industry that performs an industrial activity that is required by 40 CFR Part 122.26 to obtain an “NPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit” from the EPA must submit a copy of that application and permit, as well as any written correspondence with any federal, state or local agency regarding the aforementioned permit, to the Director within 15 days of request.
   (B)   Availability.  Any permits, pollution prevention plans, or other documents regarding an industry’s or construction site’s OPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit shall be made available to the Director upon request.
   (C)   Spills.  Any person or industry shall, at the earliest possible time but, in any case, no later than one hour from discovery, orally report to the Director a spill, release, dumping, or other situation that has contributed or is likely to contribute pollutants into the MS4.  This notification shall include the location, type, concentration and volume, if known, and corrective actions taken for each spill, release and the like.  Written notification shall also be made to the Pretreatment/Stormwater Department of the city within five days of the discovery of the spill.  If the spill is contained, notification to the Director shall be next business day.  This notification shall include all the notification requirements specified within this section.  These reporting requirements shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any other reporting requirements imposed under federal, state and local laws or regulations.
   (D)   Reports.  All persons or industrial facilities may be required to provide other reports deemed necessary by the Director to monitor, maintain and ensure compliance with this chapter.
(Ord. 2007-25, passed 11-19-07)