§ 52.240  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this code of ordinances, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CITY .  The City of Claremore, Oklahoma.
   CITY MANAGER.   The duly appointed City Manager of the city and/or his or her designated representative.
   DEVELOPED REAL ESTATE.   Real property altered from its natural state by the addition to or construction of any impervious surface such that the hydrology of the property is affected.
   EQUIVALENT SERVICE UNIT.   2,650 square feet of impervious surface, or a portion thereof.
   IMPERVIOUS SURFACE.   Any hard surfaced area which prevents or retards the entry of water into the soil in the manner and to the extent that such water entered the soil under natural conditions, causing water to run off the surface in greater quantities or at an increased rate of flow than was present under natural conditions, such as but not limited to rooftops, asphalt, or concrete sidewalks, paving, driveways and parking lots, walkways, patio areas, storage areas, and gravel, oiled macadam, or other surface which similarly affects the natural infiltration or runoff patterns of real property in its natural state.
   RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY.   Any property designed and used principally for residential single-family, multi-family or duplex purposes and developed according to and meeting the bulk and area requirements for residential single-family, multi-family, or duplex zoned property as set forth in the zoning code at the time of development of such property.
   RETENTION OR DETENTION FACILITIES. Facilities designed to hold stormwater for a short period and then to release it to the natural watercourse or to hold stormwater for a sufficient length of time to provide for it to be consumed by evaporation, infiltration into the soil, or other natural means.
   SERVICE CHARGE.   The fee levied within the boundaries of the city for the city's stormwater drainage facilities.
   STORMWATER DRAINAGE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.   The overall strategy and framework for the stormwater management activities of the city.
   STORMWATER DRAINAGE SYSTEM.   Any facility, structure, improvement, development, equipment, property, or interest therein, or other structural or nonstructural element made, constructed, used, or acquired for the purpose of collecting, containing, storing, conveying, and controlling stormwater wherever located, including but not limited to storm sewers, conduits, natural and man-made channels, pipes, culverts, and detention ponds whether public or private.
   UNDEVELOPED REAL ESTATE.   Real estate unaltered by the construction or addition of any impervious surface which would change the hydrology of the property from its natural state.
(Ord. 2013-20, passed 10-21-13)