§ 113.10  EXEMPTIONS.
   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply or affect the following:
   (A)   Persons acting pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction;
   (B)   Persons acting in accordance with their powers and duties as public officials;
   (C)   Duly licensed auctioneers selling at auctions;
   (D)   Charitable organizations or persons, when the proceeds from the sale are used directly for charitable purposes and the goods or articles are not sold on a consignment basis.  Persons or organizations exempted under this section must obtain a license but without payment of fee; and
   (E)   Once annually, the city, through the City Manager or designee, may hold a permit-free weekend, during which weekend permits for residential sales are not required.  Sales held during the permit-free weekend shall not count against the total licenses granted for a property.  Signs will not be provided by the city, but all other terms and conditions regarding signs, including the number of signs allowed, removal of signs and the location of signs, remain in force and effect.
(Ord. 2011-11, passed 5-16-11; Am. Ord. 2014-8, passed 4-14-14)