(A)   The permittee shall subordinate its use of the public ways to the rights of the city to construct, operate, and maintain the public ways and any facilities therein.
   (B)   The permittee shall provide accurate detailed maps to the city, showing the location of its existing distribution facilities on public right-of-ways, and shall be required to provide the City an update to such maps annually.
   (C)   The permittee shall be required to submit plans and an application on a city form for city review and to obtain a construction permit from the City Manager or his designee before commencing construction of any utility facilities.  All plans will comply with the current land development code, including figures STDUL 01 and 02.
   (D)   The permittee, or any person acting in its behalf, shall be allowed to perform necessary maintenance or other work in the public ways, but shall do so at its own expense and shall promptly remove any obstructions and restore the public ways to as good a condition as existed before the work was undertaken, unless otherwise directed by the city. Permittee shall be required to fully cooperate with the city and other utility service providers using the public ways.
   (E)   The Permittee shall be responsible for any and all liability for injury to any person or property caused by the negligence of the permittee in the construction, operation, or maintenance of its property.
(Ord. 2010-22, passed 7-19-10)