§ 104.04  APPLICATION.
   (A)   Applications for permits under this chapter must be submitted to the Special Events Committee not less than 30 days in advance of the proposed event.  The application permit fee of $100 plus a cash deposit equal to amount of city cost of street clean up of animals.
   (B)   All trailers participating in parade are restricted to a length of no more than 40 feet.
   (C)   The organization requesting the parade permit shall provide ground guides for all motor vehicles or any combination of motor vehicle and trailer of 65 feet in length or more.  Ground guides shall be posted at mid length of the trailer and on both sides to ensure safety.
   (D)   At no time shall candy or any other object be thrown from any moving vehicle or trailer that is participating in the parade.  The Chief of Police of his or her designee shall have the authority to remove participant(s) for violation of this section.  Nothing in this section shall prohibit walkers from giving candy or other appropriate material to children or spectators.
   (E)   At no time shall parade participants enter or exit a vehicle during the parade.
   (F)   All parade entries will line up in formation at the north end of the Claremore Expo.
   (G)   Helmets must be worn by any rider/passenger under the age of 18 on any scooter, go cart, motorcycle, ATV or any similar motorized vehicle or device.
   (H)   Participants are required to yield the right- of-way to any emergency vehicle.
   (I)   Parade participants will follow route designated by the Special Event Committee.
   (J)   An adult must be on each parade entry at all times. (This is in addition to those in the vehicles.)
   (K)   All vehicle drivers must have a valid driver’s license and a copy of vehicle’s insurance at the time of the parade.
   (L)   Every float or motorized unit must be equipped with a Class ABC fire extinguisher.  All units will be checked at the staging area.
   (M)   Only police and authorized city personnel can direct traffic.
   (N)   The application shall be in writing and shall give the following information:
      (1)   The name and address and telephone number of the person(s) requesting the permit.  If the activity proposed is to be conducted by any organization, the name, address and telephone number of the authorized head/director of such organization shall be stated;
      (2)   The name, address and telephone number of the person who will be directly in charge of the activity;
      (3)   The name, address and telephone number of the person who will be on-site and in charge of the activity;
      (4)   The purpose of the activity;
      (5)   The date, time and location of activity;
      (6)   The approximate number of persons who will participate in the activity and the number and kind of vehicles, equipment and animals which will be participating or used;
      (7)   Detailed plans for the assembly and dispersal of the parade, including times and location thereof;
      (8)   A statement as to whether a permit has been requested or obtained from any other city within which said activity shall commence, terminate, or occur in part;
      (9)   Any additional information which the City Clerk and/or Chief of Police shall find reasonably necessary;
      (10)   A copy of proof of insurance (general liability) and other information as may be requested.
(Ord. 2006-19, passed 8-7-06; Am. Ord. 2007-19, passed 10-1-07)