(A)   All bills are due and payable within 15 days of the billing date.
   (B)   Tax adjustment. The rate herein is subject to proportional increases for taxes imposed by any authorized governmental taxing body.
   (C)   The rates and conditions herein are based on the supply of service at a single delivery and metering point at a single voltage. Separate supply for the same consumer at other points of delivery or at other voltages, will be separately metered and billed.
   (D)   For billing purposes, the monthly demand shall be defined as the highest integrated load during any 15-minute period during the billing month.
   (E)   Appropriate indicating or recording meters will be furnished by the city to measure energy delivered, the maximum kilowatt demand for the month, and either the power factor or reactive power demand of the load. Power factor (or reactive power) will be measured at the option of the city.
(Am. Ord. 2019-20, passed 12-23-19)