(A)   Service to be provided under these schedules shall be either single-phase (120/240-volts) or three-phase at the city's standard voltages of:
      (1)   One hundred twenty/two hundred forty (120/240) volt single phase;
      (2)   One hundred twenty/two hundred eight (120/208) wye volt three phase;
      (3)   Two hundred seventy seven/four hundred eighty (277/480) wye volt three phase; or
      (4)   Primary voltage as available for larger services.
      (5)   Service at other voltages may be available, at the option of the Electric Department, with payment by the consumer of any extra costs incurred by the city; and
      (6)   Loads shall not be highly fluctuating to the extent that they cause interference with standard quality service to other loads.
   (B)   The city may require a written special agreement for certain establishments, including, but not limited to, welding and x-ray service.
(Am. Ord. 2019-20, passed 12-23-19)