As the BOD, suspended solids, and other pollutant concentrations discharged shall be approximately equal for all domestic users, users shall be charged on a volume basis in accordance with the following formula:
   CU = Cb + Ct-Vt (Vu)
   (Based on Model #1, 40 CFR 35, Appendix B)
   Symbols and Definitions:
   C u =   A user's charge per unit of time.
   C b =   A user's base minimum charge (for debt retirement, billing, administration, and the like) per unit of time.
   C t =   Total operation and maintenance (O & M) costs per unit of time.
   V t =   Total volume contribution from all users per unit of time (may include extraneous flows).
   V u =   Volume contribution from a user per unit of time.
(`83 Code, § 17-421)  (Ord. 87-15, passed 8-17-87)