(A)   The police officers of the city shall hold their respective offices and positions during good behavior and regardless of change of city officials or city administration unless removed for good and sufficient cause and then only upon written charged filed by the Mayor, the Chief of Police or any citizen.  A written statement of such charges in clear and concise language shall be filed with the City Clerk and a copy thereof served upon the person who has been so charged.  If such charges are filed and approved by the Mayor or the Chief of the Police, then the person so charged shall be suspended from duty if requested in such charges, or if in the discretion of the Mayor or Chief of Police such suspension would be for the best interest of the city pending trial thereon.
   (B)   All members of the Police Department who are suspended for more than ten days, or removed from office, shall be notified of the specific cause therefor, in writing, within three days after such suspension or removal from office, and a copy of such statement of cause shall be filed with the City Clerk's office.  Within ten days from such notification, the person affected may make a written request to the City Clerk for a hearing before the Mayor and City Council or the Police Board of Review, and the Mayor and City Council or Board of Review shall hold a hearing within ten days of the filing of the request therefor.  If after hearing the City Council or Board of Review shall find that good and sufficient cause has not been shown for the suspension, removal from office, or discharge, it shall order the person restored to his former position without loss of pay.
   (C)   If the City Council or Board of Review by a majority vote, including the vote of the Mayor, shall find that good and sufficient cause has been shown, it may order the removal, suspension or discharge of such persons, or may, in their discretion. discipline such person by a suspension of a period of not more than 90 days and a fine of an amount not to exceed $50, or both.  The accused may represent himself or appear by counsel.  The Chief of Police may for misconduct suspend any member of the Police Department without pay for a period not to exceed ten days from one offense and not to exceed 20 days in any one calendar year, and shall notify the City Council in writing of his action.
   (D)   No police officer shall be suspended or removed from office because of his race, creed or color, religious or political beliefs, except when such persons advocate or belong to any organization which advocated the overthrow of the government by force or violence.
   (E)   No action in the City Council or Board of Review of the city shall be construed to deny any officer of his right to file a proper cause  for hearing before any court of general jurisdiction.
(`83 Code, § 13-406)
Statutory reference:
   Police Board of Review, see 11 O.S. § 50-123.