(A)   Form.  Every proposed ordinance shall be introduced in writing and in the form required for final adoption.  No ordinance shall contain more than one subject which shall be clearly expressed in its title.  The enacting clause shall be "The City of Claremore hereby ordains".
   (B)   Procedure.  All proposed ordinances shall appear on the published agenda for regular or special meetings of the City Council.  The City Clerk, at the time an agenda is distributed, shall distribute exact copies of any proposed ordinance to all members of the City Council, including the Mayor, and to the City Manager.  All proposed ordinances shall be considered at a public meeting of the City Council.  A vote of a majority of all of the members of the City Council shall be required for the final adoption of the ordinance.
   (C)   Effective date.  Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, every adopted ordinance shall become effective at the expiration of thirty (30) days after adoption or at any later date specified therein.
   (D)   “Publish” defined.  As used in this section, the term "publish" means to print in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the City:
      (1)   The ordinance or a brief summary thereof, and
      (2)   The places where copies of it have been filed and the times when they are available for public inspection and purchase at a reasonable price.
(Amended by Res. 2002-15, passed 9-3-02 and approved by the Electorate November 4, 2002)