(A)   Policies. The issuance of an earth change permit shall be governed by the following policies of the city.
      (1)   No earth change shall be permitted which creates a public hazard upon any property within the city through the obstruction, impairment, sedimentation, blockage or alteration of any storm sewer drain or any existing surface water course.
      (2)   No earth change shall be permitted which will channelize, obstruct, or impede any water course in a manner which is inconsistent with accepted engineering practices and/or the adopted drainage standards of the city.
      (3)   All earth changes shall be designed, constructed and completed in a manner which minimizes the time of exposure of bare earth to the elements.
      (4)   Construction activity on individual tracts shall be conducted only if appropriate sedimentation facilities are installed and maintained throughout the construction period to minimize sediment from any such tract being deposited upon any off-site public or private property or water course during all phases of project construction.
      (5)   As may be applicable to any tract of land for which an approved drainage plan exists, the requirements and conditions of the drainage plan shall be incorporated as a condition upon the issuance of any earth change permit.
      (6)   The redesign of any drainage structure required and presently existing as a result of the previous processing of an approved drainage plan shall not be required as an incident or condition for the subsequent issuance of an earth change permit unless the proposed earth change materially alters the character of the approved drainage plan.
   (B)   Standards established. The policies governing earth changes shall be implemented by the adopted city drainage standards which shall specifically regulate the following considerations:
      (1)   The adopted city drainage standards shall regulate the design, installation and utilization of all detention and drainage, facilities and structures.
      (2)   The adopted city drainage standards shall regulate the design, installation, maintenance and removal of sedimentation and erosion control procedures, facilities and structures and shall establish acceptable methods and practices for controlling soil sedimentation and erosion.
(Ord. 99-43, passed 8-2-99; Am. Ord. 2003-26, passed 8-18-03)