(A)   Unless specifically exempted under § 154.08, an earth change permit, as defined and regulated by this chapter, shall be obtained from theCity Clerk prior to the commencement of any excavating, grading, regrading, landfilling, berming, diking or clearing of any property within the city. Unless specifically exempt, an earth change permit shall be required prior to performing any other work constituting an earth change under this chapter. A separate permit shall be required for each separate non-contiguous tract, and no permit shall be transferable.
   (B)   Prior to granting any earth change permit, the City Engineer shall attach such conditions thereto as may be deemed necessary to prevent hazards to public or private property resulting from the blockage, obstruction, alteration or impairment of any storm sewer drain or surface water course and to prevent the work thereby authorized from being conducted in a manner hazardous to life or property, or otherwise likely to create a public nuisance. Such public nuisances shall be deemed to include, but not be limited to, erosion, avulsion, or siltation anywhere within the storm sewer system or surface water system of the city. Conditions attached to the permit may include, but are not limited to: submission of a drainage plan, drawings specified to finish grade land contours, installation of retaining walls, drains, detention facilities, other drainage facilities, specified erosion control measures, the furnishing of any necessary public easements; and a specified methodology for performing the authorized work and the disposition of waste generated.
(Ord. 99-43, passed 8-2-99; Am. Ord. 2003-26, passed 8-18-03)