(A)   Meetings.  The City Council shall meet regularly at least once every month at such times and places as the Council may prescribe by rule.  Special meetings may be held on the call of the Mayor or of three (3) or more members.  All meetings of the City Council shall be subject to the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.
   (B)   Rules and journal.  The City Council shall determine its own rules and order of business and shall provide for keeping a journal of its proceedings.  This journal shall be a public record.
   (C)   Voting.  Voting, except on procedural motions, shall be by roll call and the ayes and nays shall be recorded in the journal.  A majority of the members of the Council shall constitute a quorum, but a smaller number may adjourn from time to time and may compel the attendance of absent members in the manner and subject to the penalties prescribed by the rules of the Council.  No action of the Council, except as otherwise provided in the preceding sentence and in Section 2.06, shall be valid or binding unless adopted by the affirmative vote of at least a majority of the members present at such meeting.