(A)   Except as otherwise provided in the ordinances of this municipality, upon the filing of a complaint approved by the endorsement of the attorney of this municipality or by the judge, there shall be issued a warrant of arrest, in substantially the following form:
   “The City of Claremore, Oklahoma to the Marshal of the Municipal Criminal Court of Claremore, Oklahoma.
   “Complaint upon oath having this day been made by (naming complainant) that the offense of (naming the offense in particular but general terms) has been committed and accusing (name of defendant) thereof, you are commanded therefor forthwith to arrest the above named defendant and bring               before me, at the municipal courtroom.
   “Witness my hand this     day of         , 19/20    .
   Judge of the Municipal
   Criminal Court
   Claremore, Oklahoma”
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the marshal, personally, or through a duly constituted member of the police force of this municipality, or through any other person lawfully authorized so to act, to execute a warrant as promptly as possible.
(`83 Code, § 6-123)