(A)   Judges shall be subject to removal from office by the governing body for the causes prescribed by the constitution and laws of this state for the removal of public officers.  Proceedings for removal shall be instituted by the filing of a verified written petition setting forth facts sufficient to constitute one or more legal grounds for removal. Petitions may be signed and filed by:
      (1)   The Mayor; or
      (2)   Twenty-five or more qualified electors of this municipality.  Verification of the number or qualifications of electors shall be executed by one or more of the petitioners.
   (B)   The governing body shall set a date for hearing the matter and shall cause notice thereof, together with a copy of the petition, to be served personally upon the judge at least ten days before the hearing.  At the hearing, the judge shall be entitled to:
      (1)   Representation by counsel;
      (2)   To present testimony and to cross-examine the witnesses against him; and
      (3)   Have all evidence against him presented in open hearing.
   (C)   So far as they can be applicable, the provisions of the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act governing individual proceedings (75 O.S. §§ 309 to 317, as amended) shall govern removal proceedings hereunder.  Judgment of removal shall be entered only upon individual votes, by a majority of all members of the governing body, in favor of such removal.
(`83 Code, § 6-110)