Sec. 3-2-2   Officers.
   (a)   The department shall consist of a Fire Chief, an Assistant Fire Chief, and any such other officers as deemed necessary by the Fire Chief and approved by the City Manager. Any officer positions will be subject to yearly budgetary approval by City Council.
   (b)   The Fire Chief and the Assistant Fire Chief and any and all employees of the Fire Department are employees of the City of Claremont and are hired by the City Manager. The city personnel policy will state hiring guidelines.
   (c)   The Fire Chief shall be held accountable to the City Manager for administrative affairs of the department and shall make written and verbal reports as may be required. The chief shall be held accountable to the city council for matters of policy development.
   (d)   The chief shall be responsible for coordinating with the City Manager the development of an annual budget for submission to the city council.
   (e)   The chief shall be technically qualified by training and experience, and shall have the ability to lead employees and hold their respect and confidence.
(Ord. of 7/4/07, No. 36-07; Ord. of 2/3/14, No. 07-13; Ord. of 5/5/14, No. 14-13; Ord. of 12/6/21, No. 19-22)