Ord. No.   Date      Description
3201    9-14-44    Appropriation of property.
3988    10-5-54    Appropriation of land.
3995    10-5-54    Appropriation of land.
3996    10-5-54    Appropriation of land.
4036    1-18-55    Appropriation of land.
4044    2-1-55    Appropriation of land for street purposes.
4045    2-1-55    Appropriation of land for street purposes.
4224    5-5-57    Appropriation of easement in the south part of Sec.7 and the north part of Sec.8, Twp.11, Range 21, Worthington's Survey, for sewer purposes.
4303    12-3-57    Appropriation of easements in Lot 33 of Raymond Moats  P-A-T Subdivision and in Lot 11 in Raymond Moats Second Subdivision, for sewer purposes.
82-61    12-19-61    Appropriating easements in various parcels for sewer purposes.
86-61    12-19-61    Appropriating an easement in a parcel owned by Virginia Replogle for sewer purposes.
4-62    1-2-62    Appropriating an easement in a parcel owned by Russel and Elsie Williams, for sewer purposes.
17-67    3-7-67    Appropriating an easement over properties owned by Ralph Meinfelton and Robert Elsea, for sewer purposes .
49-75    4-22-75    Appropriating property along Nicholas Dr. for the improvement of Nicholas Dr.