Ord. No.   Date   Description
4031    1-18-55    Purchase of Binkley Tract.
4032    1-18-55    Purchase of Clark Tract.
65-59    10-6-59    Authorizes purchase of Lots 907 and 908 of the W. E. Delaplane  Addition.
26-62    3-6-62    Authorizes purchase of part of Fractional Sec. 4, Twp. 4N,  Range 22W and of Fractional Sec. 19, Twp. 11N, Range 21W,  Worthington Survey.
40-70    5-19-70    Authorizes purchase of easements for widening of Atwater Ave.  from Wilson Ave. to Sunset Dr.
18-72    4-4-72    Accepting deed from the Circleville Investment Co. to part of  Nicholas Dr.
21-72    4-4-72    Authorizes purchase of land owned by Hager and Thelma Blevins.
75-72    12-5-72    Authorizes purchase of land owned by Lulu M. Conkle for  improvement of Nicholas Dr.
22-73    2-6-73    Accepting deed of Loren E. and Charlotte R. Paxton to part of  Sunset Dr.
49-73    4-17-73    Authorizes purchase of 2 tracts for the proposed sewage treatment  plant.
84-74    8-20-74    Accepting deed from Circleville Swimming Club, Inc. and dedication of parcel for improvement of Ted Lewis Dr.
94-73    10-16-73    Authorizing the purchase of land owned by the estate of Audrey  P. Kearns for the improvement of access to Ted Lewis Park.
108-73    12-18-73    Accepting the Administrator's deed from Harry L. Margulis  as Administrator W.W.A. of the estate of Audrey T. Kearns.
98-74    10-1-74    Authorizes purchase of two properties adjacent to the City Garage  for use by the Dept. of Public Service.
99-74    10-1-74    Authorizes purchase of Lot 862 for expansion of the City Garage.
100-74    10-1-74    Authorizes purchase of Lot 863 for expansion of the City Garage.
43-75    4-15-75    Authorizes purchase of real estate known as 325 W. Main St.
40-79    5- 15- 79    Authorizes purchase of land and easement in Washington Twp.
54-80    11-4-80    Authorizes purchase of part of Lot 861 for expansion of the City Garage.
54-86    10-21-86    Authorizes purchase of 25.5 acre tract of land from William J. Barthelmas, Jr.
21-87    7-7-87    Authorizes purchase of 319 Long St. from Edna M. Davis.
36-88    6-21-88    Purchase of Lot 866 from Watters for expansion of Street  Maintenance Garage.
44-88    7-26-88    Purchase of 1220 South Court St.
51-88    9-6-88    Purchase of south-half of Lot 865 from Jones for expansion of  Street Maintenance Garage.
37-90    5-15-90    Purchase of Lot 865 for expansion of City Garage.
07-36-96    7-16-96    Authorizes purchase of 72.188 acres from Jack Miller for  various municipal purposes.
01-04-97    1-21-97    Authorizes the purchase of 332 E. Ohio St. to be used for  the expansion of the Circleville Transportation Garage facility.
10-66-03   10-7-03   Authorizes a contract to acquire a certain tract of real estate known as a portion of the Ohio and Erie Canal.
09-48-2008   9-2-08   Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract, take all action necessary to acquire a certain tract of real estate known as 722 S. Washington Street, to be used as an addition to the adjacent City Transportation Garage.
11-26-15   11-3-15   Authorizing the purchase and acquisition of property located on the east side of North Pickaway Street, north of Hargus Creek and west of Rustic Drive, to be purchased from Vuong Vo, and used for a bike/walking path and for creek access for maintenance purposes.
08-55-18   8-21-18   Authorizing the sale of .372 acres formally part of the service road into the Pickaway Crossing Subdivision to the highest bidder.
02-06-19   2-5-19   Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract to acquire approximately 20 acres, located adjacent to Barthelmas Park to be used for park and other recreational purposes.
09-51-19   9-3-19   Authorizing a development agreement with the Circleville-Pickaway Community Improvement Corporation, dba Pickaway Progress Partnership (P3), (as the Community Improvement Corporation of the City) and Roundtown as One to enter into an agreement and otherwise take all action necessary to convey ownership of certain real estate of the City located at property formerly referred to as Everts Middle School on South Court Street over to the Circleville-Pickaway Community Improvement Corporation.