(a)   All Food Trucks who will be operating in a public right-of-way shall submit the following information along with one paper and one electronic copy of a signed Food Truck Right-of-Way permit application:
      (1)   Valid Food Truck Operating License with City of Circleville.
      (2)   Plans and/or drawing to approximate scale showing the following:
         A.   The dimensions of the truck.
         B.   Distance from any fire hydrant.
         C.   The dimensions and number of existing and proposed parking spaces.
         D.   Existing ingress/egress locations (must be outside of any sight triangle if near an intersection).
         E.   Adequate distance from any residential district.
         F.   Proof of adequate street lighting for the hours of operations listed in the application.
         G.   Proof of proper location of equipment and storage for the Food Truck (must be on or within truck/trailer).
         H.   Location of all self-contained water, sewer and electrical services, including plans for wastewater disposal.
         I.   Evidence that the Food Truck/Trailer will not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
         J.   Any other information as determined by the Zoning Inspector to determine compliance with this Ordinance.
   (b)   Paid application fee in accordance with Section 909.04.
(Ord. 09-68-2022. Passed 9-20-22.)