Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to imposed a “legal duty” upon the City to provide emergency medical services to any person. To the extent possible considering the personnel available, equipment availability and competing priorities, the City shall provide such equipment, volunteer and/or paid personnel and training as is deemed appropriate to sustain the operation of the Circleville Emergency Medical Services, including, but not limited to the following:
   (a)   Ambulances or such public safety vehicles as are in compliance with standards implemented by the Ohio Emergency Medical Service Board or such standards as may be required by the Advisory Board.
   (b)   Emergency medical equipment, light rescue equipment, airway maintenance equipment, cardiac monitoring and defibrillation equipment, intravenous therapy products and such drugs as prescribed by the Medical Director all in compliance with any and all standards established by the Ohio Emergency Medical Services Board.
   (c)   Communications equipment necessary to receive dispatch requests, to communicate to the hospital emergency room or other medical control during emergencies and from person to person when engaged in emergency medical service or rescue operation. Such equipment shall conform to those requirements of the Ohio Emergency Medical Services Board of Federal Communications Commission for the region.
   (d)   Such training and continuing medical education as is necessary to insure continuing competence of the medical personnel in compliance with the licensing and renewal requirements of the State of Ohio, the Medical Director, and the Advisory Board.
   (e)   Repair and continuing maintenance services for the Emergency Medical Service including general operating requirements for disposable supplies, facilities, and fuel. (Ord. 03-13-2003. Passed 3-18-03.)