(a)   There is hereby created an EMS Advisory Board. The Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the EMS Chief and the Safety Director concerning matters relating to the delivery of Emergency Medical Services for the City. These activities include recommendations concerning new and revised rules and regulations regarding the Circleville EMS and recommendations relating to the qualifications and requirements for volunteers with the Circleville EMS.
   (b)   The Advisory Board shall consist of the following individuals:
      (1)   Medical Director of the Service.
      (2)   Chief of Service.
      (3)   Secretary of the Service.
      (4)   Three volunteer members of the service.
      (5)   Two members from the public.
   (c)   Members (3) and (4) above, shall be elected by the volunteers each year. The two members of the public (5) shall be appointed by the Mayor and every two years with input from the CEMS Chief, Medical Director, and Safety Director.
   (d)   Each year, the CEMS Chief will appoint a Training Officer of the Service, Equipment Officer of the Service, and a Public Relations Officer of the Service to serve for a calendar year.
   (e)   The Medical Director shall have the exclusive authority to promulgate medical rules, regulations, quality assurance standards, continuing education or retraining requirements in order to assure continuing compliance with the “Standards of Care” promulgated by the Ohio Emergency Medical Services Board, the Ohio Association of Emergency Physicians, the Ohio Chapter of the Association of Air Medical Services of the United States Department of Transportation. Such rules and regulations shall apply to all EMT’s of the Circleville Emergency Services and EMT’s in any other City department.
   (f)   The Medical Director of the Circleville Emergency Medical Services may receive reasonable stipend pay for services provided while on the Advisory Board of the Service. This reasonable stipend pay shall be established by the Safety Director with the advice and consent of Council, shall be paid equally from the budgets of the Circleville Emergency Medical Services and Circleville Fire Department and shall be paid on an appropriate schedule. The Medical Director shall be selected by the Safety Director, Chief of the EMS Service, and the Fire Chief.
(Ord. 03-13-2003. Passed 3-18-03.)