The building sanitary sewer and connection to a public sewer shall be constructed as follows:
   (a)   The building sanitary sewer shall not be less than six inches in internal diameter and shall be laid in open trench on a grade which will provide a full flow velocity of two feet per second. In order to permit ventilation of the public sewer and building sewer, no trap shall be placed in the building sewer. The building sewer and building drain inside the building shall be so constructed that the main line of such system shall be vented above the roof. After the sewer is laid and before it is covered or used, it shall be inspected and approved by the Director or an authorized agent.
   (b)   Whenever the public sewer cannot serve basements by gravity, sanitary facilities other than automatic clothes washing machines, water softeners, residential grinder pumps, and upflush toilets will not be permitted in such basements. The application for any permit as provided for in this chapter for homes with sanitary facilities in the basements, that cannot be served by gravity will be refused except as provided for above.
(Ord. 19-90. Passed 2-20-90.)