The volume of flow used for computing all user charges and industrial waste surcharges shall be the metered water consumption of the person as shown in the records of water meter readings maintained by the City Public Utilities Department except as herein provided in this section.
   (a)   If the person discharging wastes into the public sewers procures any part, or all, of their water from sources other than the City, all or part of which is discharged into the public sewer, the person shall install and maintain at his expense water meters or other measuring devices of a type approved by the Director for the purpose of determining the volume of water obtained from those other sources.
   (b)   If a person can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Director with respect to any premises that a portion of the water from any source thereon does not and cannot enter the sanitary sewer system, then the person may at his expense, install and maintain separate water meters or other acceptable measuring devices where necessary so as to measure only that portion of the water used which is discharged into the sanitary sewer system.
   (c)   In the event that it is not practical or possible to measure only that portion of water used which is discharged into the sanitary sewer system, then the person shall install a meter device of an acceptable type to measure the waste flow entering the sanitary sewer system.
   (d)   Final determination for the method and manner of flow measurement is the responsibility of the Director. All metering device installations shall be submitted for prior approval to the Director. Following approval and installation, such metering devices may not be removed without consent of the Director. Any metering device for sources of water other than the City for determining the volume of waste discharged to the sanitary sewer shall be installed, owned and maintained by the person. The Director may require the metering device to be checked for accuracy by an approved testing method.
(Ord. 19-90. Passed 2-20-90.)