(a)   The charges provided for in this chapter shall constitute the net charges for water service if paid by the due date following the date of billing as shown on the monthly billing statement. If paid after the due date, the applicable user charges may be at the gross rate, which shall be ten percent (10%) greater than the net charge, but in no case shall the additional charge be less than ten cents (10¢). A delinquent notice will be sent showing the past due amount, including penalty, and the final service date after which service will be discontinued.
   (b)   Payments received in the utility office or at an authorized collection agency by the due date shall be considered as paid and exempt from penalty. The U.S. Government postmark shall govern the due date and when any payment is mailed, postmarked at least five days prior to the due date, it shall be considered as paid within the prescribed time limit and exempt from penalty. In the collection of such a payment by mail, the U.S. Government postmark in the envelope containing the payment shall be identified and retained for a period of four months after which it shall be destroyed and the gross amount of such bill not be disputed.
   (c)   If the user charges provided for in this chapter are not paid by the final service date, then water services shall be discontinued and no reconnection shall take place until all user charges, disconnection fees, penalties and reconnection fees are made to the Utility Office.
(Ord. 1-2-95. Passed 1-3-95.)