(a)   Each water charge under or pursuant to this chapter is hereby made a lien upon the corresponding lot, parcel of land, building or premises served by a connection to the water system of the City and, if the same is not paid within ninety days after it becomes due and payable, it shall be certified to the Auditor of Pickaway County, at which time the lien shall vest, and the Auditor shall place the same on the tax duplicate of the County with the interest and penalties allowed by law and be collected as other taxes.
   (b)   The owners of real estate premises installing or maintaining water service shall be liable for all water charges incurred for service at such premises and the Department of Public Utilities, Division of Water shall require any owners of real estate premises after the effective date of this section requesting water services to enter into a service contract prior to supplying water to such premises.
   (c)   Tenants of the owners of real estate premises serviced with water may contract with the City for such water service, but such contracts shall be in no way construed as to relieve the owner of the real estate premises of liability for such water service charges.
   (d)   After certifying to the County Auditor that water charges are unpaid and a lien as provided in subsection (a) hereof, the Director of Public Service is hereby authorized and directed to shut off the water service to those real estate premises until such unpaid water charges have been paid.
   (e)   The owner of real estate premises by installing or maintaining water service from the City is deemed to assent to all rights and regulations of the Division of Water and the ordinances of the City pertaining to water service and distribution.
(Ord. 2-25-94. Passed 2-25-94.)