(a)   Three members of the Sidewalk Commission shall constitute a quorum.
   (b)   The meetings of the Commission shall be public; however, the Commission may go into executive session, as permitted by Ohio R.C. 121.22 as amended, for discussion, but not for vote on any case before it.
   (c)   The Commission shall organize annually and elect a secretary or other officers.
   (d)   The Commission shall adopt, from time to time, such rules, procedures and regulations as it may deem necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this chapter.
   (e)   The Secretary of the Commission shall keep minutes of its proceedings, showing the vote of each member upon each question; or, if absent or failing to vote, indicating such fact; and shall keep records of its examination and other official action, all of which shall be immediately filed in the City offices and shall be of public record.
   (f)   The Commission shall have the power to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths and may require the production of documents, under such regulations as it may establish.
   (g)   The Commission may call upon the various departments of the City for assistance in the performance of its duties and it shall be the duty of such departments to render assistance to the Commission as may reasonably be required.
(Ord. 3-26-94. Passed 3-1-94.)