(a)   Employment. Nothing in Section 507.02 (a) through (d) shall be construed to require a handicapped person to be employed or trained under circumstances that would significantly increase the occupational hazards affecting either the handicapped person, other employees, the general public or the facilities in which the work is to be performed, or to employ or train a handicapped person in a job that requires him or her routinely to undertake any task, the performance of which is substantially and inherently impaired by his or her handicap.
   (b)   Sale or Rental of Property. Nothing is Section 507.02 (g) shall be construed to require a person selling or renting property to modify such property in any way or to exercise a higher degree of care for a person having a handicap, nor shall it be construed to relieve a handicapped person of any obligation generally imposed on all persons regardless of handicap in a written lease, rental agreement or contract of purchase or sale, or to forbid distinctions based on the inability to fulfill the terms and conditions, including financial obligations, of the lease, agreement or contract.
(Ord. 37-79. Passed 5-1-79.)