Article I. Administrative Provisions
16.08.010: Short Title
16.08.020: Power Of Board Of County Commissioners
16.08.030: Planning Commission
16.08.040: Purpose
16.08.050: Violations, Penalties, Enforcement Procedures And General Administrative Procedures Violations Deemed Public Nuisance Penalty For Violation Enforcement Procedures General Administrative Procedures
16.08.060: Zoning Map Amendments And Consolidated Development Code Amendments
16.08.070: Temporary Use Permits
16.08.080: Special Use Permits
16.08.090: Variances
16.08.100: Reexamination Or Revocation Of Special Use Permit
16.08.110: Procedure To Determine Violation Of Special Use Permit
16.08.115: Development Agreements
16.08.120: Moratorium
16.08.125: Planned Unit Developments Generally
Article II. Land Use Districts
16.08.130: Land Use Districts; General Overview
16.08.140: Agricultural District (A-5)
16.08.150: Agricultural District (A-10)
16.08.160: First Estate District (E-1)
16.08.170: Single-Family Residential District (R-1)
16.08.180: Multi-Family Residential District (R-2)
16.08.190: General Commercial District (C-1)
16.08.200: General Heavy Commercial District (C-2)
16.08.210: Industrial District (I)
16.08.220: Rural Resource District (RR-20)
16.08.230: Fallon Municipal Airport Overlay Zone
16.08.240: Naval Air Station Fallon Overlay (NAS Overlay) And Protection Standards
16.08.250: Use Table For All Zoning Districts