A.   Accessory Buildings:
      1.   Any accessory structure one hundred twenty (120) square feet or larger must obtain a building permit and conform to all applicable Building Codes.
      2.   Any such accessory building shall meet the minimum setback requirements and not be closer to main buildings on the same or adjacent lots as provided under this title.
   B.   Structure Height:
      1.   No building shall exceed a height of thirty five feet (35') and any building exceeding two (2) stories in height, not including the basement, shall be equipped with an automatic fire suppression system approved by the Fallon/Churchill Fire Marshal.
      2.   Requirements of this title shall not apply to church spires, silos, belfries, cupolas, domes, chimneys, flues, flagpoles, water towers, radio towers, and the like except where they may be deemed a hazard.
      3.   Churches, schools and public buildings may exceed maximum height limitations of the respective land use district subject to the granting of a variance by the Planning Commission.
      4.   Building heights shall be subject to the requirements as set forth by the Fallon Municipal Airport zoning provisions where applicable.
   C.   Yards:
      1.   Barbed wire, chainlink, or other nonobscuring, open fences may be erected to any desired height at any location on a lot or parcel of land. However, a building permit must be obtained to erect solid walls or opaque fences, such as masonry, over six feet (6') in height which do not permit the circulation of air and the provision of light; and wood or vinyl fences over eight feet (8') in height.
      2.   On through lots, either end of the lot line may be considered the front line, in which case the minimum rear yard shall be not less than the required front yard in the district in which such lot is located (there is no rear yard, there are 2 front yards).
      3.   There shall be no planting, fences, shrubbery or other obstruction to vision between two feet (2') and eight feet (8') above curb level within twenty five feet (25') of the intersection of any two (2) property lines of any corner lot.
      4.   On a corner lot, yards abutting both streets shall be considered as front yards and subject to full setback requirements. (Bill 2010-G, 2010: Bill 2007-I, 2007)